Pakistan Centre for Autism (PCA)​ Training Programs

PCA is a well established name in providing trainings to become certified International Behavior Therapist by International Behavior Analysis Organization. It includes 40 hours of physical or online training in a workshop setting, 300 hours of supervised practice, and supervision-related tasks and activities. Till now 93 candidates have received workshop trainings, 55 candidates have received training of Regional Behavior therapist.

PCA provides internship opportunities to undergraduate students of Physiotherapy, Occupation therapy, speech and language pathology, Special Needs Educators and psychology. Till now 1500 students have availed this opportunity.

We provide platform to students pursuing Masters and MPhil for collecting data from PCA to meet their thesis requirement.

PCA welcomes students and professionals from relevant field. We orient them on the Autism spectrum disorder and the services available for them.

PCA proactively involves parents both formally and informally to impart deeper understanding of their children and developing skills for managing them. For this purpose, enrollment is open for parents in certified course of international behavior therapist. Support group of parents is encouraged to exchange their experiences. Various sessions are held for raising awareness of parents on key issues pertaining to Autism and other neurodevelopment disorders.